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What Is Your Real Life Number?

What Is Your Real Life Number?

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Every business owner has a real life number. It's the number that connects everything behind the scenes you are working towards in your real life; things like your next house, next big investment, or your pension pot.

This real life number can and should be linked with everything that the business is working towards. It is the key to achieving the life you really want, both now and in the future.

However many business owners can find themselves controlled by their business. They become wrapped up in running the business and unable to focus on improving their lifestyle. Everyone desires the benefits good work brings but there has to come a point where the business starts working for you and towards the lifestyle you want to achieve.

One of the ways you can do this is by understanding how tax advice and consultancy can help you achieve your real-life number tax efficiency.

🕊 This is where Saint comes in.

To help you achieve the rewards of your real-life number, we’ll work with you to gain a better understanding of the tax position of your business, calculate your real-life number, and put a tax efficient plan in place. We do this by looking at:

1. Your Immediate Family

Planning across spouses, children and parents (and key family members). This will enable you to achieve financial freedom quicker.

2. Protection

Planning to protect yourself, your partner, your children and the things that you have put absolutely everything into, your business, is important now and into the future.

3. Lifestyle

As you move through life there are big investments you will make, to improve your lifestyle. You will build wealth as wellbeing, health, happiness or financial wealth by examining your disposable income for investment.

4. Family

As a parent, you want to invest in your children but what this looks like is different for everyone e.g. education, buying a car, deposit for their first home, investment savings, starting a pension.

5. Pension

As a business owner, you need to work towards making pension investments as the tax efficient benefits and often the flexibility of different pension types makes this a must.

6. Business

Investing in your business is a lesson learnt that pays back over and over. Extracting the maximum value from your business ensures you are being tax efficient however takes the cash of the business. This extracted cash can be invested back into the business to supplement the growth of the company and then be extracted again Tax Free!

📈 Are You Ready?

We have many contractors who come to us who have never had a Tax Planning meeting or discuss some of the points above. These points we know we should be paying attention to or having these conversations but work/life gets in the way. Your accountant/tax advisers should be coming to you with different opportunities available for your business based on the goals you have set out to achieve.

These are the why’s of what you do.

At Saint we try to not only make you aware of these points which you already know but to step up and work with you to get results in each area so these goals become the first thing not the last and give you a shift that everything is slowly getting in the right order.

Saints core client values as you know are:

Time - gain more time for yourself.

Wealth Retention - Start building your fortune today.

Family - Such an important area of our lives, for them and you.

Peace of mind - The new rich - Work with Saint, learn to relax, knowing everything is working as it should be.

These values are not by chance, each has incredible value. If you feel like it's a bit too late to start, you could not be more wrong!

Let’s make the rest of your life the most successful and rewarding it can be, if you think you can benefit from the above then you need a fresh start, with fresh ideas, methods, and strategies around you.

🎉 That's a wrap!

We know the importance of action, if you are not having these conversations now then where is your business actually heading? How do you know if you are overpaying in tax, reinvesting in the right areas or extracting maximum value from the business tax efficiently?

If you feel you are driving results through just hard effort like when on site then this cannot last, it will burn you out in one of the above areas and this is why this simple information is so valuable. Work smart, not hard.

Get started with Saint today to begin a new chapter for your business. Let’s start your journey with Saint today! What have you got to lose?

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Written by the team at:

Saint Accountants

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