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What work falls under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

What work falls under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

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If you’re within the construction industry there is a good chance you fall within the CIS remits however there are some type of works which doesn’t! Keep reading to find out more:

What Work Falls Under CIS?

CIS covers most construction projects involving:

• Permanent or temporary building or structure

• Plant hire which comes with an operators

• Erecting scaffolding

• Installation of Solar Panels (unless private)

• Civil engineering work such as roads, bridges, airports, railways etc

• Site preparation and cleaning inside of buildings after construction work      

• Demolition and dismantling

• Building work including alterations, repairs, extensions and decorating

• Installing systems for heating, lighting, power, water and ventilation (air conditioning)

• Any work forming part of land e.g. walls, roadworks, power lines and waterways etc

‍What Work Doesn’t Fall Within CIS

Certain jobs you do not have to register for such as:

•  Architecture and surveying

• Plant hire which does not come with an operator

• Scaffolding hire (with no labour)

• Carpet fitting (unless involved with a construction project)

• Making materials used in construction including plant and machinery

• Delivery of materials

• Work on construction sites that’s not construction, e.g. running a canteen or site facilities.

• Drilling for oil or gas

• Extracting minerals  

For specific examples please see here HMRC link.

Where exempt work is being carried out in conjunction with work that is covered by CIS, then often the exemption is lost. All of the work would be covered by CIS.

An example would be an architect who is involved in the actual building work. Now the architect work would fall under CIS and the exemption would be lost. If the architect has only done the drawings for example this would be outside CIS.

Private Households

If the customer is not a contractor then the work is not covered under CIS (residential). Private households will be residential people so they are not businesses or contractors.

It is always good to be up to date with what CIS could apply to and we hope our CIS knowledge hub is the central place of your learning! If you need any extra support, feel free to reach out to us today.

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