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Who is Saint Construction Support?
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Who is Saint Construction Support?

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🕊 Who is Saint?

As you may know, Saint only works with companies within the construction industry. We help construction companies become stronger and more consistent.

We understand that success means different things to different people. Some want to expand while some want to be busy but calm. Saint helps deliver that level of planning and so much more with customer service at the forefront which you can not find anywhere else.

We work with start up's, 1 man solo enterprises to £M+, to company owners who now want to plan for their exit strategy. The whole journey!

🚧 How are we different?

You are already paying for an accountant. Why not work with Construction Specific Accountants who offer real tax advice and know the trade and how it really works.

Or work with Saint Virtual Assistants who are all experienced in the construction trade and the day to day Admin madness that comes with only this industry, quoting and checking specifications, RAMs, fleet management, recruitment, everything a working Director needs, starting will low fees and easy terms - We are also specialists in construction software adding real visibility to your operations. They help organise your business and most importantly YOU!

Or with Saint Bookkeeping we provide an improved service that the trade needs - providing the extra little details construction Directors really need to know - activity on your financial position, reporting back on how jobs are performing on the profit/material lines to constantly closing down on outstanding monies quickly.

Work with Saint Global Marketing to deliver you in front of the right clients but also the complete package of marketing and client awareness and retention. This is the game-changer for businesses because we look at your business first, improve where is required and build on the foundation so the process starts to repeat effortlessly for constant enquiries and sales.

Then you have dedicated Saint Business Development Managers and the well respected Coaches who all really understand the trade so not only does your company grow in the correct way but at the pace that suits you and helps you grow towards the results or goals you want.

By investing in a Trade Coach you begin to really start to rebuild the business and you start to run it like a director and not letting the business run you. Do you stop and discuss where your business is going once a month at the moment? Would this not help give you more vision and direction that you could feel is missing? Talk to a Business Development Manager to work on where to start.  

Why employ someone when you can work with Saint at a fraction of the cost with an improved service? Save money on holiday pay, pension pay, maternity pay, office space, equipment, training, employment and hiring cost/contract and NI and Tax!!!

We look to work alongside your existing team and add extra support where needed.

You might be thinking "well I do all of this work by myself and it's free".

It's not as free as you may think. It costs you time, forcing you to be doing invoices on a Sunday Morning when you should be spending your time with the wife and kids or simply resting and switching off so you are more productive and the big thing, motivated during the week.

As said, Saint only works with companies within the construction industry and helps make them become stronger and more consistent businesses by providing support services and systems that companies need.

Get Started with Saint

🏆 The all-in-one solution

We bring all of these services together which work with one another via our Saint Dashboard, your media team is talking to the accounts team, the VA's are working with the BD team. It all becomes a seamless and efficient part of your business...

All of these individual data streams are pipelined to your iPad etc for you to review on your company dashboard at a touch of a screen - The total solution for your office team so you can then focus on the real areas that a CEO needs to operate in.

If you need help with your business, sometimes it's just a small shift and everything comes back online.

Talk to us today if you need:

  • Help with trade systems and processes so you can track what's going on.
  • Help improve organisation for any business that works in the construction industry.
  • Identify poor profits and increase margins for jobs, labour and overheads.
  • Improve cashflow
  • Funding experts - from Project finance to buyouts.
  • Plan to get you the help you need, recruitment and resources, at just the right time with the finances to match.
  • Help you grow so you start to see the rewards.
  • Improve and learn the techniques to access working capital.
  • Improve visibility of where you are going, and make the right decisions.
  • Improved Reputation.
  • Organisation Software Approved Support Agents.
  • Company Start up's Specialist with accelerated growth.
  • We provide valuations and mergers of construction companies.
  • Director dispute or disaster recovery of construction companies.

We have been in the trade industry for over 35 years, there is not much we have not seen or been through with our clients. We understand the building industry brings challenges and is unlike any other to work in and that's why we are proven specialists in the day to day running and areas to improve. If you are not sure even where to start that's fine, if you know what the problem is, even better, we are here to help.

✔ Benefits of Saint Construction Support

By Joining Saint you would also immediately benefit today with FREE access every quarter:

  • Free business report every quarter showing real business performance and information for your active services - Sales, Media, Tax, Business Development etc
  • Free fantastic graphs and data sent to your iPad etc to help plan ahead.
  • Free call to discuss the report and what's next.
  • Free quick query business advice.
  • Free own dedicated Business Success Manager with a monthly review.
  • Free snapshot action plan for your next stage.
  • Dedicated Business Development Manager. From startup to exit strategy with free 15 min Qtly meeting.
  • Membership to the renowned Saint Loyalty club for gifts, awards and benefits - please check the website for the £100 golden ticket!
  • Free blogs, advice, tips and tricks and insider knowledge of what's going on in the industry with our Construction Insider Magazine.
  • Support from Saint Ambassador Foundation. We are GoConstruct CITB and STEM Ambassadors and can help with apprentices and funding.

Saint strive to deliver a set of core values to our clients:

  1. Time - Gain more time for yourself.
  2. Wealth Retention- Start building your fortune today.
  3. Family - Such an important area of our lives, for them and you.
  4. Peace of mind - The new rich - Work with Saint, learn to relax, knowing everything is working as it should be.

Get started with a Free No-Obligation call with someone who knows the Trade Industry!

🎉 That's a wrap!

I hope you found this useful! If you would like to go over anything we discussed within this article, please get in touch for a FREE consultancy call with us here!

Frequently asked questions

This article has been provided for information purposes only. You should consult your own professional advisors for advice directly relating to your business or before taking action in relation to any of the provided content.

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2. Keep up to date with Construction Insider Providing you with industry insight, tips & tricks and much more to make sure you are ahead of your competitors!

3. When you are ready, Become a Saint Financial Group client, and we will provide you with the highest quality solutions to effectively scale your construction business. Book your meeting here!

Who is Saint Construction Support?

Written by the team at:

Saint Construction Support

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