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Why is a Construction Focused Marketing Agency any different?
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Why is a Construction Focused Marketing Agency any different?

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The construction industry is unlike any other and having a dedicated team working alongside your business that truly understands the industry makes a big difference. From the language of the trade, the right type of target audience (Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Healthcare, Residential), understanding accreditations, tenders, there's so much to the industry that makes it truly unique. A normal marketing agency just won't get that.

Saint Global specialises within the Construction Industry and is supporting businesses across the UK.

In the world of business, marketing is key to achieving success. Working with a construction-focused marketing agency can be a game-changer. Here's why:

Industry-Specific Knowledge and Expertise

A construction-focused marketing agency understands the ins and outs of the construction industry. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand the unique needs and challenges that you face. This understanding is delivered across everything that we do, from social posts to marketing strategy.

Targeted Marketing Strategies

Finding clients in the Construction industry is very unique, something that works for one business will not work for another. Someone fitting boilers for residential properties might find massive success by advertising on Facebook, but another company offering boilers on a commercial level will face a completely different ROI.

The team at Saint Global know exactly how to get your business seen by the right type of people, whether that's housing associations, councils, quantity surveyor, architects or even just residential clients in a 10-mile radius of you.

Experience in Working with Construction Businesses

We know for a fact how competitive the construction industry is, this is from electricians to developers. There is always someone around the corner trying to sell the exact same service. What makes us different is our messaging and how we can get our business in front of the right people, by volume and correct targeting we are marketing construction businesses efficiently and effectively across the UK.

Branding and Reputation Management

As said, the construction industry is highly competitive, and building a strong brand reputation is crucial. The team at Saint Global can help you develop a strong brand identity and manage your reputation online. We can introduce systems and outreach that develops your brand immensely across your targeted area to a point where everyone in the area knows about your brand, what you deliver and the level of support you are delivering to the area.

Enhanced ROI

Working with a construction-focused marketing agency can help you achieve a higher return on investment (ROI). They understand how to develop marketing campaigns that are effective, efficient, and cost-effective. This means that you can achieve your marketing goals while staying within your budget.

Comprehensive Marketing Services

A construction-focused marketing agency can offer a wide range of marketing services that are specific to the construction industry. This can include website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, content marketing, van livery, site meshing, leaflets, brochures, and so more. Saint Global becomes your partner in business with marketing advice always being on hand.

Working with a construction-focused marketing agency like Saint Global can be highly beneficial for your business. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to create targeted marketing strategies that deliver results. We can also help you build a strong brand reputation, manage your online presence, and achieve a higher ROI. If you're looking to take your construction business to the next level, work with Saint Global today! 

Frequently asked questions

Why is Saint Global any different?

Saint Global Specialised within the Construction Industry, this has allowed us to really redefine the normal marketing agency services. Everything is done with a purpose, everything is unique and aims towards our end goal. We are helping construction businesses to get the most out of their marketing whether that is developing a system which takes leads from initial enquiry to post-sales comms, multi-disciplined strategies, profile enhancement, increasing overall awareness and so much more

We are helping construction businesses to get the most out of their marketing whether that is developing a system which takes leads from initial enquiry to post-sales comms, multi-disciplined strategies, profile enhancement, increasing overall awareness and so much more

Why work with Saint Global instead of hiring in-house?

The idea of someone who knows your business from back to front sounds fantastic, they know exactly what your goals are, who you are targeting and the messaging you want to deliver. They are working day after day to make you successful. Someone who has the marketing know how that you could talk to when you need to. now imagine that, at a fraction of the cost. Saint Global become your "in house" team, a partner in business. Our success is your success.

Hiring unfortunately comes with a lot of hidden costs; Tax & NI, Sickness & Holiday pay, office space, employee benefits, training, overhead, pensions, hiring costs and so on.

Working with Saint Global brings a breath of fresh air to your business. We are ready and on hand, easily being implemented into your business to handle as much or as little as needed. A fully equipped team with flexibility at the forefront. We work closely with your business, delivering consistent results with clarity so you always know what's working and where your business is heading.

Saint Global holds the additional benefit of working hand in hand with the rest of the Saint Departments, if you are working with SaintVA, Saint Accountants or Saint Business Development for example, We focus on the interconnectivity of our solutions to make your business run as effectively as possible.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

No, there are never any hidden costs with Saint. We believe in clear, transparent pricing so you always know exactly what you are getting.

Why is there such a difference in price between agencies?

Prices quoted by various agencies will generally take into consideration the differences in depth of service and experience. For example, a service that costs £250 compared with one that costs over £1,500 per month is not likely to be as effective or as thorough.

When receiving quotes from digital marketing agencies, make sure you understand what the deliverables are for the costs they’ve quoted. At Saint, we’re always transparent and honest about what we’re going to deliver in the time we’ve quoted for. In our experience, we need a good amount of time to generate the best results possible. By quoting for anything less than this, we know we’re set to fall short on performance.

What will happen once I am busy?

We use marketing as if it was an acceleration pedal on a car, we can speed things up or slow things down, everything is within your control. We keep a sharp eye on what's working and what's not, we know exactly how to correlate the budget to the work capacity of the team.

Who will be working on my account?

You’ll have a dedicated team member to manage your account, who’ll be your main, day-to-day point of contact. You may also have contact with one of our Business Development Managers who will give you general business advice when needed and provide you with quarterly meetings.

Depending on the project, various other specialists will attend your account, working on specific areas of the project such as PPC, Social Media, or Content Marketing. We’re always open and transparent about who’s doing what, and all of our experts are Saint employees.

Will Saint Global keep me updated with progress throughout my marketing

Clarity is an area we really focus on, we want you to be in the front seat at all times, knowing exactly what is happening with your business at all times. We provide you with detailed quarterly reports with meetings to thoroughly discuss what is happening with your marketing.

Is all the work done in-house by the Saint Global Team?

Yes, every service we offer is completed by the Saint team. We have a large team in place that is able to support your business with whatever is needed as of when you need it! 

How does Saint Understand my business?

We work very closely with the Directors or Sales Department, we go through robust research and deep conversations with every client that we work with. We understand your exact goals, messaging and target audience. We adapt into your business, how you operate and deliver exactly how you need us to.

How quickly can I get started with Saint Global?

The Saint Global team can be easily implemented into any construction business. There is not much we haven't seen! We have the team in place to help you immediately and have an average turnaround time of 48 Hours.

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Why is a Construction Focused Marketing Agency any different?

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