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Why should you choose Webflow?
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Why should you choose Webflow?

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Websites with all the trimmings(concept, design & programming) and the trimmings(strategy, videography, graphic design) are our daily bread. However, there are also the discussions about the how a website should be built. What tools, what methods and so on...

In the last many years, Wordpress has led people to think that a website is a piece of cake. On the first few metres, apart from design, that was certainly true for a short time. But how does it do in the medium term and why are many afraid of using classics like Drupal or contemporary approaches like headless CMS in combination with Vue, for example? It may still be the internet operating system, but: for the right reasons?

In our search for a solution, we ended up with Webflow. A service that offers all the advantages of Wordpress, for example, without having to live with its disadvantages: countless plug-ins, updates, complications, etc. But it is more than just another website construction kit.

Wordpress? Webflow!

39% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. While it may be a familiar platform, there are better solutions out there for creating websites. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the differences between WordPress and Webflow.

How Webflow works

Transition of the Saint Construction Support Website (Source:

Frontend - sleek and responsive

Webflow is a SaaS application that allows designers to create responsive websites with browser-based visual editing software. While you design with the tool, Webflow automatically generates the HTML, CSS and the necessary JavaScript elements. This results in very high-quality, semantically clean websites whose animations are inspiring even without manual code. The resulting code can be exported at any time.

Backend - limited but effective

Webflow offers CMS functionalities and an eCommerce service to varying degrees. Not everything is possible here, but this is often a good thing in order not to get bogged down unnecessarily in special cases. A clean export of data from the CMS is also possible at any time.

While it's interface might look scary, the Saint Global Team are using it every day to create visually stunning websites for construction businesses across the UK.

Reasons to choose Webflow

Web design becomes one fluid process

There’s no longer a disconnect between visual design and coding. For years, the visual process of web design is often separate from the actual building of the site. As a web designer, you would create wireframes, mock-up the UI, and handoff assets to a developer. Then you would have to deal with the back and forth, making sure the developer executes on your design vision. But with Webflow, it doesn’t have to be a divided process. You can now design and build a website within one tool.

Design with clean code

While WordPress plugins add a lot of functionality, they also add unnecessary code that can slow down your site speed. Webflow skips all that, so your site is powered by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that’s as clean as you can make it.

Example of code generated from Webflow (source: Webflow)
Example of code generated from Webflow (source: Webflow)

Create beautiful and complex interactions

The web is meant to be an interactive experience. By adding thoughtful animations, the websites you design will stand out. You would need to have extensive knowledge in CSS and Javascript in order to recreate these animations but with Webflow, you can build them visually. Allowing for rich animations.

Responsive Design

With Webflow you can easily preview and adjust layouts for a wide array of modern devices. Just click on any of the break points to see how your design transitions from desktop to tablet to mobile and so forth.

Mobile break point preview in Webflow (source: Webflow)
Mobile break point preview in Webflow (source: Webflow)

User-friendly CMS interface

Webflow offers a simple on-page editing interface with a minimal dashboard UI. While the WordPress dashboard offers a wide array of options, most are irrelevant for your clients. Instead, Webflow shows you only what you need.

How to create a new Collection in Webflow CMS (source: Webflow)
How to create a new Collection in Webflow CMS (source: Webflow)

Increase SEO

Webflow gives you quick and easy access to all the on-page SEO settings you need. For CMS content, meta titles and descriptions are automatically created based on fields you create and define. All Webflow websites receive free SSL. Check out this case study to learn how a digital agency increased its organic traffic by switching from WordPress to Webflow.

SEO settings in Webflow
SEO settings in Webflow

Complete control in design customisation

The number one reason to use Webflow is it’s the best solution for creating custom-designed websites from scratch. Take control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a completely visual canvas, let Webflow translate your design into clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish to the web.

In conclusion, Webflow emerges as a superior choice over WordPress and many other web development platforms, offering a seamless blend of design and functionality. With clean code, responsive design, and comprehensive customisation, Webflow empowers users to create visually stunning websites with ease. Say goodbye to the complexities of WordPress and embrace the streamlined and innovative approach of Webflow for a truly dynamic web design experience.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Webflow over WordPress?

Webflow combines design and functionality seamlessly, providing a superior web design experience compared to WordPress.

What sets Webflow apart in terms of code quality?

Unlike WordPress plugins that add unnecessary code, Webflow generates clean HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for optimal site speed and performance.

Can Webflow handle complex interactions and animations?

Yes, Webflow allows users to create beautiful and intricate interactions visually, eliminating the need for extensive knowledge in CSS and JavaScript.

How does Webflow ensure responsive design?

Webflow enables easy preview and adjustment of layouts for various devices, ensuring a responsive design from desktop to tablet to mobile.

Is Webflow's CMS user-friendly for content management?

Absolutely, Webflow offers a simple on-page editing interface with a minimal dashboard UI, providing only the relevant options for efficient content management.

What about SEO in Webflow compared to WordPress?

Webflow provides quick access to on-page SEO settings, including easy implementation of meta titles and descriptions for CMS content, contributing to enhanced SEO.

How does Webflow offer control in design customisation?

Webflow stands out as the best solution for creating custom-designed websites from scratch, allowing complete control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a visual canvas.

Can Webflow be considered a replacement for WordPress for small to medium-sized websites?

Yes, Webflow offers all the advantages of WordPress without the associated drawbacks like countless plugins, updates, and complications, making it an ideal choice for smaller websites.

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Why should you choose Webflow?

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