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6 Fresh Web Design Trends For 2022
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6 Fresh Web Design Trends For 2022

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The world of web design has been rapidly changing throughout the last 10 years, bringing websites from unattractive scripts of text to a unique and ingenious presentation creating not just a website, but an experience. So what we've brought together some of the trends that have been changing the industry over 2022. Most of these trends are not necessarily new to the market, but have seen an increase in use and are now widely used.

Web design is always in attempt of catching your attention, whether that be through the use of pop-ups or never-ending tabs. Trends come and go but often leave their mark and ensure improvement to develop clear and meaningful sites which presents clarity to the user and brings them on an experience from A to B.

Top 6 Webdesign Trends of 2021

  1. Imperfections that brings in personality
  2. Fluorescent third-dimensional (3D) designs
  3. Plenty of whitespace
  4. Full-screen forms
  5. Interactivity & motion
  6. Tailored illustrations

Imperfections that bring personality

This is an effective concept which creates imperfections in order to deliver personality and remove elements of formality. This is an effective method for B2C (Business to consumer) relations who drive to gain that connection with their customers.

A common approach to this is by using "hand-written" text or designs, stimulating emotions and humanity into a website. This trend dominates the webdesign industry and is directly appealing to users.

Imperfections that bring personality

Fluorescent third dimensional (3D) designs

This is a new realm of webdesign which has been introduced, offering interpretations of 3D elements to portray depth and it's rather impressive. 3D art act as little pieces of eye-candy that lures in attention, as it is different and not very commonly seen before, this is if it is used correctly!

The use of 3D artwork & modelling is becoming extremely popular and are now more accessible than ever due to the increase in 3D modelling programs which are being made available. It is however, important to note, that this trend of using 3D modeling should be used in moderation and to be suited to your brand guidelines, the result should show a futuristic, enthusiastic presence.

A great example of this is Nesh, a smart assistant for the energy market

Fluorescent third dimensional (3D) designs

Tailored Illustrations

The use of illustrations blew up in 2020 but carries on through to 2021! Illustrations allow websites to visually tell a compelling story, making visuals, not place holders or "to make the website attractive" but used to portray your story and craft brand identity!

Correct, these are best suited to certain types of business but so are all visuals. A great example of where these would not fit in maybe a gym, as users want to engage with pictures of members, progress and something a bit more enthusiastic whereas if you had a business such as a library, where you want to portray a calm, optimistic presence, this would be perfect, filled with feel-good vibes.

Plenty of whitespace

Whitespace, or commonly referred to as negative space is a term referring to the blank or empty areas on a page which is used to separate design elements, it is used to create definition and format while keeping everything spacious and well balanced. Whitespace can consist of any background colour regardless of which the name presents. It includes all the space surrounding text, images, visuals or subjects.

While some may see whitespace as a "waste of space" it actually provides a breath of fresh air for the viewer, increasing legibility and highlighting important elements (such as call to actions) through the use of hierarchy. While whitespace has always been an important element within webdesign we are seeing a massive jump in the usage of it with designers implemented harnessing it to create clean, modern and minimalistic designs

Plenty of whitespace

Fullscreen Forms

Another trend that has really seen some utilisation lately is fullscreen forms used to engage the audience while effectively capturing information. The overarching design theme which seems to be commonly occurring is large elements surrounded by masses of whitespace, not surprising that these have found themselves becoming increasingly popular. Online forms play an important role in so many of our web interactions, from signing up to services or filling our delivery information on an online store. It is very common for people to get distracted when filling in forms and just leave the site in general, it is, therefore, important that we make forms engaging and meaningful to visitors and less like a tedious chore. The simple act of renovating your forms could change your site conversion rate dramatically!

‍Fullscreen Forms

Interactivity & Motion

Interactions & motions is an extremely effective way of grabbing the visitors attention through the use of video and animation. This is far from a new concept but is so powerful and as everyone needs to be utilising it, I thought it would be worth the mention! Our eyes automatically gravity towards visually appealing subjects, and therefore away from huge essays of text, this is why the use of visual elements such as infographics etc are so important to convey information!

It is important to keep in mind that animations can be distracting if used incorrectly and will draw your visitor's attention to the wrong things. There are various uses for interactions and motion and if done strategically, you can portray a meaningful and powerful message which supports your site storytelling bringing your visitors from A to B and outstanding your competitors.

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6 Fresh Web Design Trends For 2022

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