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Claim your FREE £150! | We've Partnered with Cap on Tap
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Claim your FREE £150! | We've Partnered with Cap on Tap

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At Saint, we are always looking for the best solution to advance your business and the services that we offer. One of the areas we spent time researching and testing was business credit cards!

🚧 Why Cap on Tap?

We have spent the last year using Capital on Tap in our business, previously using American Express and Capital on Tap has truly shown to be the superior option.

Capital on Tap does offer a free version although we believe the £99.00 yearly fee is worth its weight in gold, this upgrade will allow your business to redeem Avios points on all purchases (plus receive 10,000 bonus points when you spend £5,000 in your first 3 months). You can use points personally to pay for holidays, hotels, flight upgrades, car rentals, wine and thousands of experiences making it a direct competitor with American Express.

It’s Capital on Tap’s mission to make running a business as easy as possible and that’s why we partnered with them. Here are some of their main benefits;

1. Uncapped 1% cashback

Earn rewards points on all card spending, and redeem for cashback, gift cards and more

2. Extend your cashflow

Interest-free period of up to 56 days on card spending, with no annual fees

3. Unlimited free company cards

Add cards for all your employees and control spending with tailored limits

4. Credit limits up to £250,000

Grow your business with a credit limit of up to £250,000!

5. Directly integrate into Xero

Connect your Capital on Tap card straight into your Xero feed making reconciliation a breeze

🎉 That's a wrap!

Capital on Tap works perfectly with the Construction Industry and as their approved partner, we can provide £150 free credit when you start spending using the button below or this code 2REFD992X81.


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Claim your FREE £150! | We've Partnered with Cap on Tap

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