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Free Media & Marketing Audit for Construction Businesses.
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Free Media & Marketing Audit for Construction Businesses.

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Over time, the process of locating a contractor to build a project, handle installations or even repairs has significantly developed. Despite the significance of word-of-mouth advertising, more than six out of ten people start the buying processes online. Construction businesses that have an online presence are able to attract a more significant number of customers. How may we assist you in conducting an online audit to see how your company of your company is performing? Keep reading to find out.

A marketing audit aims to transform the data obtained from your current online platforms (Websites, social media, etc) into helpful information that gives you insight into where your business is at and where it could be. A marketing audit requires no effort, simply get started by claiming your free audit here and we will handle the rest from there!  A Marketing Audit will help you determine the importance of marketing and how well your firm is currently performing. You will see a map of your business's marketing efforts materialise in front of you.

How can I get a Marketing Audit for my Construction Business?

Marketing audits can help improve how well your marketing works. Every company needs a thorough marketing audit to get the most out of its marketing resources. A review of their marketing plan could help them see where they could make changes. If you have a construction company, we could give your company’s current marketing strategy a free, in-depth review and compare it to those of other construction companies.

We have done a lot of market research and have formulated a free marketing audit to help you get the most out of promoting your construction services. We have acquired a professional team which strives to promote your business while using modern and advanced technology without any benefit in return.

When we look closely at your construction company, we’ll learn more about its goals and how it works. Then we will formulate an action plan for your construction company to build your business credibility and reliability by doing a marketing audit. Some ways to improve your business are to create an action plan, drive new marketing materials, check your website’s design and SEO ranking, look at your brand, or do a social media audit without any charges whatsoever! 

Your Construction Website:

There is so much more to a website than most people think, it’s a tool that we use to drive sales, build awareness and develop our reputation. By using this strategy, we make efforts to market your business and get leads to your inbox. Having an internet presence is becoming increasingly critical in today’s environment. As a result, Yellow Pages listings for plumbers and electricians have been phased out and are far to saturated with endless listings so how can you stand out?

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic and revenues is via a well-designed website. A company’s website is the “motherboard” that connects everything in online marketing and makes it all “click.” Putting yourself in front of an entirely new group of potential customers seems to be difficult, but we make it possible by making the direction clear. 97% of people use the internet to locate a nearby local company.

When you establish your business with a website, it allows for an easy and effective way for potential clients to find out more information about you and how to get in touch. We ensure that your website follows a proper hierarchy of the services you provide. An essential step in building credibility and trust with potential clients and an important part is the buying process, this can been done via accreditations, past work, testimonials and so on.

A website's appearance is also really significant. When a potential customer visits your site, they make an impression on your entire business, this is done on functionality, user experience and design. Within your Free Audit, we do checks to ensure that you are ticking off the point to leave a memorable and impressive impression. No low-quality designs, no difficulty reading text, no faulty buttons or walls of boring text. 

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How branding helps your construction business

Branding, without the marketing waffle is the reputation of you company and the image that you portray to your audience. Brands are everywhere and being unique is what makes them memorable. When you go onto the Roll Royce website, you are instantly met with the sense of quality and luxury, is that by accident? Not at all! We are able to craft brands to best match the right ideal audience (your customers) and this is exactly what we are checking for when we complete your audit!

A lot of the industry falls short on branding and it’s often due to a misunderstanding of what it is, or is it just “corporate speech”. This is room for you to take the step ahead and outplay the competition.

 Imagine working with a company whose website has broken buttons, pixelated and stretched images, etc. If this is the first thing a potential customer sees about your business, they won't be impressed. A survey proved that 47% of clients are prepared to spend extra if they know they are dealing with a reliable business.

Having a website is one thing, but creating a brand around it is entirely different. Branding is something that designers and marketers may work on to gain the confidence and interest of their target market. We do our best to market your website as a brand. Colour, typography, and text arrangement are all used to achieve this effect. Every aspect of your construction company, from its logo and uniforms to its quality of work, it is all a part of your branding, your reputation.

Up to 80% more people will remember a brand with an appealing colour scheme. We know that a strong brand shows that the company know what they are doing and deserve attention. We do checks across your marketing to make sure you provide consistent and recognisable branding. Customers feel better about your products or services when they have trust. 

Do we check SEO in the Audit?

Within the Audit, we also do some free SEO ranking checks. We perform some estimations so we can see the level of traffic on your website and also the obstacles in place that are stopping you from driving more traffic.

Good news: with our assistance, your construction company's marketing efforts can yield an excellent return on investment through a comprehensive SEO strategy. Even smaller companies have the ability to rank with the placement of the right techniques and search engine optimisation methods. Nearly half of all Google searches include a local business or service. So for example, if you are an electrician from Cambridge, you still have the ability to show at the top, if not first on the rankings. 

Is Social Media important for a Construction Business?

Several social media platforms are currently used by businesses to market and sell their products and services. 77.9 percent of the population of the United Kingdom is active on social media. After connecting with a company’s social media presence, potential customers visit the associated websites. In other words, social media is a significant traffic source to a website or a company. However, this will only be the case if your online presence makes it simple for people to locate you and visit your website. By doing a social media audit, we can see where your social media is sitting and what you can do to improve your profiles and boost the number of customers who buy from you.

For construction companies, social media marketing is a terrific method to get their name out there and keep their brand in the thoughts of potential customers. When they need a contractor, make sure to contact us for a free audit. 

What is GMB? - Google My Business

A Google Business Profile is a must for any construction company that wants to market its services online. We review your Google my business profile to see where you are appearing and what type of information you are displaying. Google MyBusiness can significantly impact your brand's online visibility as it allows you to display at the top of the search results when people are looking for your services. You will also get the benefit of showing up on Google Maps which allows people to find the closest business to them.

93% of online encounters begin with a search engine and 95% of search traffic goes to the first page of results.

A company’s more likely to appear in the first three pages of Google search results if the Google Business Profile is thorough and accurate. We make sure to mention the company's name and contact information, including the location, hours of operation, payment options, and other relevant information. With our free audit, you can get a GMB review which can give you the insight to enhance your success rate.

🎁 Final words:

We hope you gained some valuable information from the points covered within this article, we understand it was a lot! If you have any questions about the above, feel free to get in touch with us here.

Take advantage of our free marketing and advertising audit and get serious about increasing your building company's internet visibility and getting a leg up on the rivals. Inquiries about how these tools are utilised in the construction industry can be made by contacting us. Free digital marketing analysis and guidance can be provided just with a simple call! 



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Free Media & Marketing Audit for Construction Businesses.

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