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How To Use Your Benefits To Market Your Business
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How To Use Your Benefits To Market Your Business

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Potential clients have so many choices and competitors can be found quickly by a simple online search, so how do you cut through all the chatter and prove yourself to be the right company for the job? It’s sometimes only fine margins that count and make all the difference.

Beating your competition becomes more and more difficult every day, but by Saint implementing an impactful marketing strategy we are able to accelerate your business to outperform the rest which constantly works in the background, running 24/7.

🤔 What actually is marketing?

Marketing can be simply explained as the journey that you have planned for an ideal client to follow from the first time they saw an advert from your company to the courtesy call after the job has been completed.

Today I just want to touch on, in a very small way how we introduce benefit messaging into marketing so we are not just providing information at the first stages of contact but building a relationship and providing valuable benefits also.

We often find that the challenge businesses face most when it comes to marketing is a lack of correct messaging to the end-user. Once this is fixed, it is so good to see the company then boom on, not just in more sales but to see the sense of belief restored in the directors, they may have had a sense of doubt and now they can see everything they have been working so hard for was done in the right way and the confidence soars.

📈 Where to get started?

Here are some simple benefit messaging tactics that will really help you place your company in the sector you want to dominate or to separate yourself from your competitors. It's just giving that little bit more information (the benefits) at the right time and people engage quicker.

"It's the benefits being explained and so they are not just features that drive purchase decisions."

  1. Established in - Est 24 years-  If you are a long-serving contractor of the area/sector show that you are! It proves you are a well established company AND committed to your clients.
  2. 24/7 call outs - Let them know you will be there no matter the time!
  3. Highlight common areas of concern - It could be are your materials are all B.S standard approved or your supply chain is approved like TRADA.
  4. Showcase Reviews - this when matched with a review management plan saying how good you are then completes the mental image as they go through the buying process to the next stage- green lights all the way?
  5. Niche! -  Work in the sector that you care the most for and more importantly the sector you would like to work in. Niching allows you to refine your messaging and become louder... EG. Would you prefer to take a motorbike to a garage that specialises in them, or a general outfit?
  6. Gallery + Case Studies - Show your previous work and include the story that you took the customer on, and the benefits in which you have delivered (A photo of a wonderful kitchen is one thing, being able to cook and spend time with the family is another, show the before and after, tell the story).
  7. Accreditations - A lot of accreditation costs thousands and a whole lot of work to achieve. Showcase them on your website as they carry huge amounts of authority and trust!
  8. Local Clients - If you are working for businesses in the local area, ask them and see if you could put their logo on your website. Other people from the local area see these identifiable logos and it builds a huge amount of trust!
  9. Produce informative content - Produce access to informative content is a great way to build trust with your clients. This could be something as simple as how to save energy throughout the home. This content shows that you know what you are on about and you have provided that person with value, therefore building trust.

🏆 What's next?

Identify the benefits of your business and use them to push yourself forward, if you only serve a 20-mile radius, use it! Become the number one firm in the area! The ones provided are examples that you can use, but take a moment and think about what makes your business unique and use it to your advantage.

People often jump to advertising straight away before developing any of the trust elements of their marketing strategy. Effectively wasting both their time and money.

Now we have a more concise marketing message in place to actually convert people into clients, we can start focusing on getting in front of people.

Read our next article on "Marketing Methods to get your Construction Business Seen" in our latest copy of Construction Insider magazine.

Get in touch with Saint Global and we can handle all of this (and more) for you! We are the UK's No.1 Marketing Support Team for Construction Businesses.

🎉That's a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this simple toe-dip blog and the valuable information within. It is meant just to start the conversation and maybe answer in only a small way something you have been looking for.

Marketing is a must for any business. It gets shrouded in mystery by Media people and we try to cut through all of that. We deal with you as a person, doing only what you need right now.

If you would like to ask any questions or if you have any thoughts about the above information in more depth and how it helps to develop your media/marketing for a better company image and sales then please simply get in touch via our live chat or complete a short form to get a Free Consultancy Call.

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How To Use Your Benefits To Market Your Business

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Saint Global Marketing

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