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🚀 10 Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Construction Business!

🚀 10 Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Construction Business!

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🚀 10 Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Business!

Tip 1 | Google My Business

A completely free tool to set up and takes about 5 minutes a day to maintain, So many businesses neglect their GMB profile but it's a great tool that represents your business. (It is also great for local SEO)

Tip 2 | Facebook Page

This is especially important as having your own Facebook page (page NOT profile) allows you to build an audience around your business. If you start developing meaningful content, you will build trust and authority with your audience.

Tip 3 | Facebook Paid Ads

These beautiful things 100% work IF you do them strategically and with the right approach! You can reach your target audience, run A/B testing, retargeting etc. Your audience is out there and FB ads are a great way to find them!

Tip 4 | YouTube

YouTube is in fact just another search engine and the potential for it is wild (with a lot of work and dedication). People prefer to view content presented in video form rather than in written form. YouTube is a great way of building and communicating with your audience!

Tip 5 | Google Ads

Different from any form of social media advertising. Google ads have a wide range of capabilities but what it does best is getting you found on search engines through the use of keywords.

For example if I wanted to hire virtual assistant, I have the choice of going to SaintVA (shameless plug) or Googling “Virtual Assistant”, The top results are always ads, therefore getting the best click through rate (CTR)

Tip 6 | Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is a long term strategy and you will not start seeing results instantly (often 3-6 months).

It consists of making your website more relevant and authorative to the users intent, this is in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Putting resources into your SEO campaigns will set you up for the long run, bringing in organic traffic of your target audience and therefore leads!

Tip 7 | Building an email marketing audience

Building a targeted audience for email marketing allows you to communicate effectively, increasing sales, brand loyalty, awareness and so forth.

Tip 8 | Having a Website!

Truly a powerful tool in delivering your brands message, purpose, while effectively converting “viewers” into leads. There are many benefits (too many to list) of having a website but the best way of summing it up would be having a top-ranking salesman working for your business around the clock.

Tip 9| Online directories

Popular directories such as Yell etc attract roughly a million visitors per month, this is a huge audience that is searching for businesses like yours.

Tip 10 | Blogging

This can be a powerful tool if used correctly, the best way to explain this is through an example.

Say I am a distributor for computer parts, and the new GTX 3060 was just released, I would create a blog about the performance, capabilities, etc of the part and it would attract an audience through Google of those very people researching before purchase.

Now “conveniently” I also sell this part, which I list as the call to action of the page. I have now successfully brought an audience who researching a part to my site and now I have the capability to convert them into a paying customer.

Bonus Tip | LinkedIn

The place where all business professionals gather in herds and discuss, well, business... LinkedIn is a great tool for building relationships with prospects, leads or even those within your industry.

What's next

I hope you have got some useful insight from the short tips that I have listed! These tips was posted and accumulated over my linkedin over the course of 10 days 🚀 Feel free to follow for exclusive access to all future content!

If you are looking to take your marketing to the next level feel free to book in a call with us here. We look forward to hearing from you! 🕊

This article was written for Construction Insider by Saint Financial Group, a multidisciplinary group based in the UK that helps construction businesses develop and grow. SaintFG offers a range of quality solutions in supporting businesses.

Saint provides the luxury of free business consultancy for of our clients, call now for your free consultation with a friendly business advisor to discuss your burning questions and put that energy back into your business!

Written by:

Michael O'Rourke MAAT

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