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Making the switch to Saint 🕊 Construction Business Support
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Making the switch to Saint 🕊 Construction Business Support

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When you start your business it's pretty much let’s take the leap, stop working for someone and go for it. You may have even started a little enterprise on the side for a few years and now it’s got busier or you may be further down the road and now have all the trappings of a successful business.

All of a sudden you need to do the paperwork side, the calls, the management, the men and the bills.

The old days of just working on site by yourself and what felt like calmness in comparison is now a distant memory.

🚧 How can Saint help?

We have built Saint to be the support system any construction company needs. By being in the Trade we understand what you can be going through and also the challenges you face at different bands of turnover.

An area we really focus on is when clients first comes to us. We take time with them and help them settle in. We handle switchovers professionally and get you up and running quickly.

To move to Saint from your existing service provider be it Accountancy, Bookkeeper, Media or Admin etc can be a big step regardless if you are a big or small outfit.

It’s quite an emotional decision but we realise it’s also a big logical decision. We look out for the little worries you may have (emotional) but we are also on point on what needs to happen for you to perform (logic) as well. It’s a well known fact you need a mixture of emotional and logical awareness for great customer service.  

It's the same as you with your clients. If you have a meeting with a client and you say we do these 10 things on the specification (logic) really well but they do not connect with you (emotional) then you may not get the call back. Knowing this balance is out there is very important for how the client feels. You fall in love with someone, you do not fall in “ logic” with someone. It shows in life what you may have thought were logical purchase decisions also needed the emotional box to be ticked off at the same time as well without you knowing but is a proven law to advertisers etc.

So it's a simple thing but we make sure it’s there in balance for you in our customer service. It’s the little things that are the big things in life.

When you contact us for a chat and then think to yourself do you take the leap and join, leaving the old way behind you, you will stop and feel the need to check whether both emotions are met - does it make sense (logic) and does it feel right (emotion). We know you want to perform better but also that you need to feel your business is in safe and reliable hands. You can say you joined Saint because they not only do what you need which many others may offer but the big thing is they also get where you as a client are coming from.

Is the person who helping to support you at the moment already busy, are they trying to balance being a wife with a life for example or do you employ someone who is distant or difficult or just not at your mind's pace, then it may be why you’re struggling. We can quickly change all of this.

What we have to do is realise that these pain points are really values and we have to ask ourselves do we want to improve our life standard and raise our values? This is where the emotional and logical connection happens as mentioned before. We are now willing to invest a bit more for a calmer life, for example, letting a VA handle the quotations for you rather than you doing it on a Sunday Morning, now you are going for walks with the family or taking the kids swimming. Yes you may have to pay out a bit more, but you can EARN more simply because you are now more focused and motivated on what you do best at work and the receiving the benefits of a better lifestyle.

If you are contemplating exploring alternative options, it may be an indication that there are underlying issues that require attention. It is possible, however, that such concerns could be related to pricing rather than service.

For example we quote against old style accountants everyday, that we call "paper champions" or "dinosaurs"  in the trade. At Saint, we work completely different to what you are used to. The old relationship was to go and get your books done once a year, as if it was an MOT with no real contact apart from the occasional receipts drop off. Yes, they will smile as you pay your bill every month, but there is no real consistent support. This is where working with Saint are different.

When we quote against a paper champion, we can seem more expensive but we are doing a lot more for you. If an already existing company, say 5 years old, with good procedures like digital platforms and software in place came and asked us to quote we would be on point, if not cheaper.

It's not a mystery that people who are with the paper champions have no real systems in place. have no control , or have no real vision.

In construction terms, the paper accountant  is only doing the minimum- it's like someone doing 3 items on a 10 point specification. The 5 year old business have learn through painful experience that it has to have the 10 points being done every month, as if good housekeeping/maintenance to ensure calmness within the business. So are we more expensive or overcharging compared to the paper champion? NO! You are simply now budgeting for what should be and need to be in place going forward to be a success. That is the biggest evolution we face with our clients to stop the old thinking that didn't work and change to new and better ways.

Maybe they have just taken you as far as they can go. It’s not always a bad thing but you can feel you are trying to pull ahead and they are stuck in their ways. Is it your life or theirs? You have different life goals and it’s time to make things happen.

In the Construction Industry, we are never taught to invest in our own business, where every other large business knows this as a fact. We still think what we earn is ours, with no thought to put it back in the business. We came from the tools and all of a sudden we are now Directors of a business and we have lost our gut feeling or compass of what is right or wrong to do with our business.

At Saint, we understand that change and take you through the business at different stages.

You may have been with them since you started and now you feel bad for leaving and also a little bit scared of change yourself and think if I move Will the new firm get how I do my paperwork? Will they know what I want this to look like? Will they give me better advice than my last person? So you just stay in a comfort zone and stay just where you are in life. Again we listen and we know from helping people move to not make this an overwhelming process.

Some may have no real idea where to start themselves as they have got bigger and things have changed and is now a bit of a beast to control but can feel something is not right. That's okay. We help people with this every day. We are ready for that conversation and we will work through them with you.

When you join we work towards making the transition as painless as possible and if anything very rewarding. That could be bringing calmness and vision to what may seem like chaos and firefighting problems all over the place at the moment.

We get most of our Clients from referrals but if I had to say what is one of the biggest reason for people switching to Saint is - You just feel like you should have more to show in your life for your efforts and you need to realise that this is not because it's down to you or the lack of hard work or sacrifice because you have already stepped up again and again. So to go to the Saint Mantra, Let's claim back the rewards for all our effort and start with peace of mind, more time, retained wealth and knowing that we are making all of the right moves at the right times.

You are already paying in your own time, wages or fee’s for a service so why not switch to Saint today for a long term partnership?

🎉 That's a wrap!

I hope you found this useful! If you would like to go over anything we discussed within this article get started with Saint, please let me know by getting in touch with us here.

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This article has been provided for information purposes only. You should consult your own professional advisors for advice directly relating to your business or before taking action in relation to any of the provided content.

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Making the switch to Saint 🕊 Construction Business Support

Written by the team at:

Saint Construction Support

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