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What is Construction Insider? (Plus 7 of our Most Viewed Articles!)
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What is Construction Insider? (Plus 7 of our Most Viewed Articles!)

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Looking for a resource that can help your construction business grow and thrive?

Look no further than Construction Insider, an online platform and magazine that provides free tools and resources to help businesses succeed in the construction industry. Whether you need guidance on building better relationships with clients or tips for improving your project management skills, Construction Insider has you covered.

We have built a community with well over 40,000 members are constantly providing new and valuable content to our readers. Whether that be helping you taking your business my the reigns and regain control or help those who are looking to expand and develop their business into the next stage.

We've accomplished some fantastic things with you by our side such as featuring in On The Tools

or to having the ability to support fantastic causes such as Saint Ambassador.

Within this article, lets put together some of the all time favourites by the loyal Construction Insider members!

1.  Overcoming Business Challenges in the Construction Industry

Running a construction business comes with a huge set of challenges!  This could be brought through to any industry, but anyone who has ever worked in construction truly knows it best. From tight deadlines, chasing payments, sluggish suppliers, early hours and sleepless nights…

Within this article we run through some of the most common challenges that we see construction businesses face within the construction industry.

You can read Overcoming Business Challenges in the Construction Industry here.

2. Free Media & Marketing Audit for Construction Businesses.

A popular article is when we offered a free Media & Marketing Audit to any construction business that was interested! If you didn't get a chance to claim it then, not to worry! It's still on!

We offered this audit to help construction businesses across the UK gain some visibility towards their marketing. It's more often than not that we see business owners not really having an idea of what's happening with their marketing, they pay some agency and they come back with a load of jargon that no one understands! We offered Free Media & Marketing Audits that truly help business owners regain control and visibility of their marketing.

You can read Free Media & Marketing Audit for Construction Businesses here.

3. Incompetence to competence - The journey and why it matters.

This one was quite a powerful one that we released, something that is not commonly discussed within the construction industry and can give you an overall different way of looking business as a whole. This will bring you through the journey from incompetence to competence and show you that it truly is a journey and should be respected and treated as one. Learn why change brings pain, how to overcome failure and to keep your head high, even when times might get tough.

You can read Incompetence to competence - The journey and why it matters here.

4. A Sneak Peek from the Trade Coaches

This was a quick little tip brought to you by the Trade Coaches and was actually a feature of Saint Sunday, but was quickly picked up on and wildly shared and viewed across the CI members. This little sneak peak shows us a quick reset tool which can be used when you are down or in doubt. It takes a negative time and allows you to quickly realign and pull back on track.

You can read A Sneak Peek from the Trade Coaches here.

5.  "It's not you, it's me” - Should I Break Up With My Accountant?

It's not you, it's me was a popular release as it discussed something no one seems to want to think about! Is it time to break up with your accountant? Are they serving you or are you serving them? This article discussed some areas in which your accountant should be focusing on and are often not. We also discussed how changing accountant might be similar to a "Break Up" as if you owe them something, you don't want to offend them, etc. But it was only ever purely business!

You can read "It's not you, it's me” - Should I Break Up With My Accountant? here.

6. How hard is running a construction business?

Running any business is hard work but running a construction business can be chaos. Within this industry things are so reactive, project dates move, clients change their mind, suppliers run out of stock, staff are off sick. It's like you are constantly fighting on the defence just trying to stay on target.

But how about if it doesn't have to be like that?

You can read How hard is running a construction business? here.

7. How to Craft the Perfect Construction Website | The Complete Guide

A complete guide on what truly makes construction website perfect! A website is a tool, just like a tool on a tool belt, it's there for a reason, it's not a fashion statement. It is a marketing tool that represents your business and its job is to deliver leads directly to your inbox. A website is becoming more and more important in current society, more and more businesses are moving online and when a potential client is looking for a plumber or electrician, they don't open the Yellow Pages anymore, they open up Google and simply find what they are looking for within seconds.

You can read How to Craft the Perfect Construction Website | The Complete Guide here.


Whether you are an experienced construction professional or just starting out, these resources can help you to better understand and navigate the industry. From tips on running a successful business to insights into the journey from incompetence to competence, there is something for everyone in this collection of articles. So why wait? Start exploring your Toolbox today!

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What is Construction Insider? (Plus 7 of our Most Viewed Articles!)

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