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You have 12 New Leads Awaiting Your Review

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📊 The Foundations of Lead Generation

There’s a reason our most successful clients started their journey with us by having a Marketing Strategy in place. The importance of building the marketing foundations of your business before proceeding with your marketing efforts can save £000’s in the long run. You need to be considering:

- What Marketing position do we currently hold (Marketing Awareness, Brand Reputation, SWOT etc)

- What do we need to have in place (Marketing Collateral, Systems, Customer Journey).

- What goals are we planning to achieve (how do we maximise marketing efforts, measuring performance/KPIs and reporting based on current efforts).

- Accountability - A strategy at a minimum is to provide accountability to ensure we are aligned with our goals and proceeding with structured growth in the business.

A quote from the BiD team “The Lead Market is an important component for any contractor, that when mixed with other marketing collateral, can become a powerful lever for your business. It's not always the quantity that’s important but the quality of Leads and how much value we can extract from them.”

This shows the importance of identifying your ideal client at the foundations of your marketing at if we are working with the right type of clients, carrying out or ideal work at the right margins we have provided ourselves with the foundations for long term growth

✅ Finding the Right Leads

In Marketing, the different marketing tactics we use are often called taps and the more taps we can have in place, the more flow we have over the amount leads a business receives and the stronger our marketing position is.

Our most targeted solution is our lead generation service which delivers pre-qualified leads to your inbox based suited to your 100% tailored brief such as ideal project value, geographical location and more.

Other methods such as email marketing are less targeted although can still provide a good return on investment. Working alongside each provides your business a reliable lead stream to pick and choose the right work for your business.

We all realise we need a constant and fresh intake of clients to keep profits and standards high, having all your eggs in one basket has its benefits but it also can make a firm become tired and vulnerable if that goose stops laying the golden eggs. The importance of keeping multiple streams open can be the difference between going under and breaking your turnover target

♾️ Keeping Everything Together

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is something we would highly recommend and is the start of Managing your Marketing & Sales System. It enables your business to regain control over the leads running through your business and have a structured system to ensure no leads are forgotten about.

A centralised platform that brings all client communication together from emails, calls, social media and live chats will increase the efficiency of your business when handling clients plus allow you to close deals faster

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why is it important to have a Marketing Strategy in place before starting marketing efforts?

A: A well-defined Marketing Strategy sets the foundation for your marketing efforts, ensuring you maximise efficiency and save costs in the long run. It helps you assess your current marketing position, establish necessary systems and collateral, set achievable goals, and maintain accountability.

Q: How does a Marketing Strategy provide accountability?

A: A Marketing Strategy provides a clear framework and set goals, ensuring that all marketing efforts are aligned with business objectives. It holds everyone accountable for structured growth and progress.

Q: What are the different marketing tactics used to generate leads?

A: Various marketing tactics, referred to as "taps," include lead generation services that deliver pre-qualified leads based on tailored criteria, and broader methods like email marketing. Using multiple tactics provides a reliable and diverse stream of leads, enhancing your marketing position.

Q: What is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and why is it recommended?

A: A CRM is a system that helps manage your marketing and sales processes by centralising all client communications. It ensures no leads are forgotten, increases business efficiency, and helps close deals faster by bringing together emails, calls, social media interactions, and live chats.

Q: What are the benefits of using a CRM for lead management?

A: A CRM helps you regain control over leads, maintain a structured system, and ensure no potential client is overlooked. It enhances your ability to track and follow up on leads, increasing your chances of closing deals and growing your business.

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You have 12 New Leads Awaiting Your Review

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