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How Strong Is Your Marketing Function?
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How Strong Is Your Marketing Function?

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🚧 What makes a Strong Marketing Function?

First of all, what actually is a Marketing Function? At its core, a Marketing Function encompasses all activities and processes involved in promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service to satisfy customer needs and achieve business objectives.

It is the strategic approach that businesses need to undertake that truly drives a successful Marketing Function.

1. Understand Your Market

A comprehensive understanding of your market forms the bedrock of a successful Marketing Function. This entails delving into various facets such as comprehending your target audience, assessing current market dynamics, conducting thorough competitor analyses, employing SWOT and so on. Without a clear understanding of the Market and your position within it, we are shooting in the dark.

2. Define Clear Objectives:
Clearly define both your business and personal objectives whether your aim is to boost revenue, enhance brand recognition, or transition into a new role as Director (off the tools, business growth focus, etc), defining your SMART goals is essential. This clarity enables you to chart a focused path forward, pinpointing precisely where you envision the company's future. Every action taken today will now align with these goals, propelling the organisation closer to achieving them.

3. A Client-Centric Approach
The client is to be placed at the heart of your marketing efforts. When working with Saint, we build something called a "Saint Sealed System", this is a hyper-focused customer journey that analyses every step and contact point a lead/prospect is brought through - We work to build a sealed system, removing every possible "leak" where contacts were falling out of the system. This allows for extremely strong relationships to be developed and an effective marketing pipeline to be put into place.

4. Invest in the Right Solutions
A strong understanding of investing in the right solutions is key. Certain marketing methods hold less power from sector to sector. Something like Facebook ads targets correctly on a domestic level but misses the commercial market. Working with a Construction Focused Marketing Agency is imperative.

5. Awareness of Market Change
It's important to stay aware of changes in market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and the competitor landscape. Be agile and adaptive in responding to shifts, seizing opportunities, and mitigating risks to maintain relevance and competitiveness.

6. Measure ROI and Performance:
Establish clear metrics and benchmarks to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing activities. Regularly evaluate performance against these metrics and adjust strategies as needed to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

📢 How does your Marketing Function rank against competitors?

Most of the time, businesses don't actually know!

So we've built this audit which takes less than 5 minutes and gives you a complete understanding of your current market position and key areas that require improvement.

⚒️ Introducing The Momentum Engine

The Momentum Engine, in concept, is your entire Marketing Function, from getting the right type of leads through the door to moving them through a carefully crafted system built in a way to drive conversions, all the way to gaining meaningful testimonials and case studies, but even then, what further value can we extract?

It is your one-stop solution to a complete outsourced marketing function for your business. It’s all the legacy stuff like website development and social media that you get from other agencies but then connected through a carefully crafted system, in addition to your own Business Development Manager.

The Momentum Engine brings in the major tools that a successful modern business needs to have in place in today's marketplace. - Do you have a sealed customer journey? Do you have a CRM? Do you monitor your KPIs? Are you winning or losing? Do you have regular leads/projects coming in every other day?

It's a full hand-held business turnaround designed to work and support your existing team only adding value to the company and within a matter of weeks from you launching your strategy, you start to see real change.

This allows companies who have not really invested in this area or those starting to feel the pinch, to catch up on years of intelligence and results or even let a start-up feel like they have been aged maturely in the market for 5 years.

As business advisors, we get to see a 360 view of how companies are structured. Over time we've sat with hundreds of companies and could see they had all invested in the many components for a successful marketing function but it just did not seem to work. Something was missing. It had become a frustrating component of the business. So what was missing?

It was momentum. It just needed a simple push but in the right place and direction.

And that’s how the momentum engine was born. It now ticks over like a sweeping hand on a fine watch, all managed by your own dedicated BDM.

The Momentum Engine has delivered many things to our clients, but it delivered new-found confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a Marketing Function?

A: A Marketing Function encompasses all activities and processes involved in promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service to satisfy customer needs and achieve business objectives.

Q: How to Understand Your Market?

A: Understanding your market involves delving into various facets such as comprehending your target audience, assessing current market dynamics, conducting thorough competitor analyses, employing SWOT, and more. This clarity is crucial for effective marketing strategies.

Q: Why Define Clear Objectives?

A: Clear objectives, whether focused on revenue growth, brand recognition, or personal career goals, provide a roadmap for your marketing efforts. SMART goals ensure alignment and progress towards the envisioned future of the company.

Q: How to Invest in the Right Solutions?

A: Understanding which marketing methods are most effective for your sector is crucial. Investing in solutions tailored to your industry, such as working with a Construction Focused Marketing Agency, maximises the impact of your marketing efforts.

Q: How to Measure ROI and Performance?

A: Establishing clear metrics and benchmarks allows for the measurement of ROI and performance. Regular evaluation and adjustment of strategies based on these metrics ensure efficiency and effectiveness in marketing endeavors.

Q: What is The Momentum Engine?

A: The Momentum Engine is a comprehensive solution for outsourced marketing functions. It encompasses everything from lead generation to conversion optimization, supported by a carefully crafted system and a dedicated Business Development Manager.

Q: What Value Does The Momentum Engine Bring?

A: The Momentum Engine brings together essential tools and strategies required for success in today's marketplace. It provides businesses with a sealed customer journey, CRM management, KPI monitoring, and consistent lead generation, driving tangible results and business growth.

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How Strong Is Your Marketing Function?

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